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Agustina Woodgate  Aventura, FL

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About Agustina

The notions of memory, heritage, tradition, and ritual appear repeatedly in my work and occupy a nebulous space that exists between the innocence, magic and fantastic dreams of a child, and the mature sarcasm of an adult. Using whatever material suits my purpose, I transform the mundane into the enchanted and weave together the varied properties of the physical and the spiritual, the internal and the external, and the personal and the collective.

The performances take place in charmed and absurd theatrical stages still they enhance the deep meaning and concept behind each tale. Each performance occurs with live music, which dominates and coordinates the actions of the performers. I document each scene by timing the camera to release pictures thou out a certain period of time until the action is completed.

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7 reactions displayed

"Absolutely beautiful; I could gaze at them for hours"

"although i don't care for the damien hirst feel of the sculpture, i can appreciate the talent it takes to bring an idea like that to fruition. a lovely and soft touch is romantic when it comes to artwork."

"theatric but yet simple. you have really study the art for it to tell a story to you."

"It shows artists an use any media available to create, whether paint, plaster, stone, film or whatever. I like your concepts & execution, nice work.mrs buttersworth, when you drape yourself over a stack of pancakes is that art?Hmmm, I thought not. Recycle for any purpose, it's all media to an artist."

"Mom and marshmallows"

"They are very simple and neat, keep this style up!"

"mildly interesting. though the statement did get me thinking - i can't belive there are so many freaking artists. are we going to have like designated landfills for artwork or what?"

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