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Adam Wallacavage  Philadelphia, PA

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About Adam

Adam’s Latest work is a series of octopus inspired chandeliers that were shown at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The intriguing fixtures are are reminiscent of undersea dream worlds. Made from plaster and epoxy resin, the art is as functional as it is beautiful.

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"These are really great. I love the one with the pearls hanging off of it. Your photography is great also some I didn't like, but some I also loved so good all together. Great work!"


"this is wonderful"

"Ok. This is very cool."

"simply wonderful."

"Show this beautiful art work to H.P. Lovecraft fans... and prepare to be busy.Beautiful!"

"I went to the artist's website and love these octopus chandeliers. Very cool!"

"The chandeliers I wish I had room for, unfortunate low ceilings. Love the photography too, I think what's probably your own, is better than what I expect are free-lance jobs to pay the rent?I'd have fun hanging out with your friends!"

"I WANT ONE. those are so cool. the sad thing is they're probably not within reach of the average consumer."

"These are beautiful! It's high time that we get to see functional art that isn't a pot or clothing or on artist a day. I would proudly display this work in front room for the world to see. I do feel that future works could be stretched more, crazy, spiker,Bumpier. Look at more sea forms and their texture and combine them."

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