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Lola  Los Angeles, CA

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About Lola

Lola’s works are a gathering of memories of past moments and sentiments caught sweetly on her carefully-tended panels. The allure of these paintings are partly due to their blissful eloquence, and partly to their indelible charm. However one chooses to enjoy them, the mysterious and elegant stroke is evident in each and every presentation of Lola’s growing talent.

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"i don??t want to say whether i find the art ??good? or ??bad?, ??weird? or otherwise. i only want to comment that i was surprised to hear the work described as nostalgic and sentimental when i found it disturbing and eerie."

"strange days on planet anonymous."

"I love her! These painting are wonderful!"

"I don't think its weird but its different in a very very very good way. I love pieces that don't give you all the clues and leave the interpretation to the viewer. I could never understand the artist's background and life, but this is a pure form of art that exposes nothing except the power of self-observation and reflection."

"Lola's art is weird but not weird I've seen weirder trust me. It's almost like she's a cartoonist but in painting"

"beautifully unique"

"So weird, so wonderful! Very odd and very brave, very free-thinking."

"I would describe this as art of the imagination. Here's someone who's bringing a dreamworld to the other side. I like the alien factor. Be careful not to keep doing different angles on the same thing. The big head thing is so dominating that it's hard to notice other interesting things going on in the picture. Still, I like the risk taking and the bizarre of it."

"I think these are just adorable. They remind me of pure innocence and I just love them. There is no attempt to ascribe perfection or beauty and yet they imply all of that."

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