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Jesse Draxler  Saint Paul, MN

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About Jesse

With my work I strive to create interesting juxtapositions, both visually and conceptually. I attempt to bend the viewers mind and create a two dimensional space with both depth and spacial impossibilities. A good laugh never hurts either.

I always work traditionally. Computers never aid in the creation of my work, though I create images that borrow from the techie computer art style, which is a juxtaposition in and of itself.

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looked at this guy's website. it's all pretty great.

i can honestly say that this is a style i have never seen before.

the dope feels GREAT.

awesome arts.

Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene

Very quirky.

Linear indulgence.


i feel at home when i look at these two pieces of work. they contain nice lines along with good concepts. i would say that this is a job well done.

jesse's collages are neat I guess, but i think he really shines with his egg carton catipiliars

i really enjoy this piece it is beautiful

I like it.

The colors & concept are eye-catching & brilliant, subject matter leaves me curious.
Sense of humor, yes........

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