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Brian Jarrell  Charleston, WV

'Family jewels'
Ballpoint pen
'A little life and death'
Ballpoint pen

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About Brian

Brian Jarrell is an artist based in Charleston, WV.

Brian explains his work by saying, “My work is a simple representation and juxtaposition of forms with multi-layered thoughts of human and animal assimilations. I live for the idea that human and animal life coexisting is simply a complex rhythm of circumstances. We sometimes miss the opportunities to understand and learn from one other, yet we are, indeed, all animals and I am certainly still learning. Life is filled with constant struggles and triumphs. This is my therapy. This is how I cope.”

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"Extraordinary job art amazing very very nice perfect work"

"A spontaneous drawing of a rare quality !!"

"I really like his pen compositions, kind of rough and stream of consciousness, but it makes me wonder how he sells his work. Is each done in a single sketch book and then distributed?"


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