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Gianluca Traina  Palermo, Italy

'Portrait 360'
'Portrait 360'

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About Gianluca

Gianluca Traina is an Italian artist and designer based in Palermo.

Gianluca explains the work by saying, “Attracted by the beauty of fabric construction and starting from the concept of warp and weft, I developed a system of representation of the image curious and innovative. I started to investigate the ways in which a sheet of paper can change according to the type of cutting and bending, and I have identified in the system of weaving an alternate way to construct three-dimensional shapes. The idea is not to create three-dimensional objects based on body shape, but turning a two-dimensional surface like paper or canvas, 3D object adapted to body shapes. I have been using these two-dimensional surfaces as pictorial space and through an elaborate system of digitization of the image I created three-dimensional portraits. The result is a colorful sculpture of paper or canvas intertwined. Are portraits. Are people. Anonymous identities. It is an abnormality of mind. Portraits are a 360° of contemporary people.”

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