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Tejfel Krisztian  Budapest, Hungary

'Cry Baby'
Digital painting

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About Tejfel

Tejfel Krisztian is a digital painter and photographer based in Budapest, Hungary.

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'Eye Contact'





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"love it"

"Very expressive eyes!"

"Clearly an example of expert rendering, but the work wouldn't engage the viewer for that long if it were all that it is. Thankfully, these works move past mere physical representations and also employ symbolic intentional distortions and abstractions. These distortions have two important effects: first of all, they give variety to the piece in a formal way; secondly, they compel the viewer to ask conceptual questions, "why is that swath of color over the subject's eyes? what does that mean". By drawing the viewer into the work in this way it makes the work not just "good" or even "the best" but even better, it makes it engaging."

"the Best"

"Very Good"


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