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Martine Johanna  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Oil on linen
'Arsenic Blues'
Acrylics on linen

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About Martine

Martine Johanna is a a Dutch contemporary Artist who lives and works in Amsterdam.

Martine’s art is characterized by exploring the boundaries between illustration and contemporary figurative painting; there are familiar style elements to her work, mixed-in with more abstract elements and compositions. The work consists of imaginary characters with a stylistic nod to fashion and a great eye for detail. The mostly female figures are depicted in a surreal environment or are isolated in their thoughts. Both on canvas, wood or paper the works contain a complex intriguing feminine energy that makes you stop and enthrall you in their illusiveness.

Recommended by our guest curators

Arthur Brouthers

Founder Culture Initiative, Artist

"Martine is an artist I recently started following about a year ago. Her subjects are primarily females, dazed in contemplative dream-like states. What really draws me in is her use of vibrant, sometimes fluorescent, colors to show direction of light and shadow."

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"Very interesting."

"Interesting transparency look...."

"nice work!"

"Nicely lifelike!"

"lindo lindo"

"Nice comment Joey. Excellent use of color. Excellent work by Martine Johanna."

"Awesome use of color mixing!"

"Great eyes! Transparent hand adds some intrique."

"Clearly a skilled painter, but I'm happy to see that the depth of the work is beyond mere accurate representational skills. The work has a depth not just in concept, but a depth created by the interesting layering created as elements of the imagery blend back and forth between one another. Patterns melt from one object in one layer, into another in a seamless way that gives a quality akin to the cubists' purported desire to "show all dimensions of an object at once." This work shows almost all objects at once, as they are tied together in their ephemeral layering."

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