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Ectoplasm  Montreal, QC, Canada

Pen, ink and pencils on paper
Pen, ink and pencils on paper

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About Ectoplasm

Ectoplasm is a french artist born in Marseille, France who currently living in Montréal, Canada. She works mainly with pen, pencils, ink and watercolor on paper.

Ectoplasm explains the work by saying, “Through a morbid and sensual esthetics, my work takes root in the fact that the human being is a constant movement, a work in progress. I deform the anatomy as a way of expressing the transformations of the soul, the vulnerability and the complexity of the individual and the links which weave between inside and outside. The coexistence of violence, tension, control and letting go, symbolized by the flood of organic motives, allows the look of the spectator to roam and be absorbed in this poetic narration.”

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1 comment from the artist

"Thank you everyone!!! This is nice to read all your comments!And thank you for buying a print at Fresh Paint, Joy. I hope you liked the exhibition there."

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"awesome pencil work, entangled imagination"

"very odd"

"I bought this print (Armistice) a few weeks ago at Fresh Paint Gallery, downtown Mtl. It's my favorite thing to look at and hangs by my work station. Love it. Will definitely keep checking out your work. Haters don't be! Competent and also very enjoyable, and I say this as a fellow artist / drawer ("

"I like this artist."


"Wonderfull, powerfull, talentfull !"

"competent...but...would I hang one on my wall?"

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