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Nunzio Paci  Bologna, Italy

'I will keep your branches, i will repudiate your flesh'
'Your breath on my snowy fronds'

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About Nunzio

Nunzio was born in Bologna 1977 and now lives and works in Italy.

Nunzio explains the work by saying, “My whole work deals with the relationship between man and Nature, in particular with animals and plants. The focus of my observation is body with its mutations. My intention is to explore the infinite possibilities of life, in search of a balance between reality and imagination.”

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I am an A level art student and I have been asked to create a personalised portfolio and am allowed to study anything I am interested in. I came across your work and was completely fascinated with your combination of imagination and reality. I was hoping to study your work and technique for my course work, the only problem is that I cant find any information explaining your techniques or how you controlled your media to give such an affective result. I was hoping and this is going to sound stupid, would you be willing to be interviewed via email? would completely understand if you don't I was just really curious and captivated. Thank you love the work.

love it

i think that this is the best one because it is detailed has color and it has color

i love it

This is stunning... I wonder what mediums have these pieces included? Seems like intricate work. Stay awesome :)

good work!

I love the art of yours that is shown, the anatomical part combined with nature is beautiful. I hope to see more of your work. I was thinking a picture of the human nervous system top to bottom placed in the body of a tree or the veins in the human body added in the woods of a bunch of human trees would be mind blowing.

Fascinatingly post modern. What was once done as a study to reveal parts of our world (our very selves). What was once done illegally, immorally, a complete violation of social taboo. Is now being done as a new kind of exploration, not of "workings" but of forms, of symbols. Anatomical drawings become an art historical reference and symbolize something more than merely the human body as individual, but rather a fuller economy of the totality of the human body comprised of various members throughout history.

Thank yoou

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