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Colleen Blackard  Brooklyn, NY

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About Colleen

Colleen Blackard is originally from Austin, TX, and currently lives and works in NYC. She received a BA from Hampshire College, MA.

She builds up masses of ballpoint pen circles to create patterns of shadow and light that define the subject. She chooses this time-consuming yet meditative process as a way to describe the beauty of existence by giving life to every detail.

Her first solo exhibition “For The Universe” opened in 2009 at Hampshire College Gallery, and since then her drawings have been shown around the world in London, Moscow, Tokyo, New York City, and more. Her work has been featured in such venues as Fountain Art Fair, Rush Arts Gallery, Family Business Gallery, and Times Square.

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1 comment from the artist

"Thank you for your comment! Both are drawn in ballpoint pen circles, and the top one is actually 3ft x 4ft. I'm now creating a 6ft - 10ft series drawn in circles in marker called "The Abandoned Series". A couple of the new large works are already up on my website."

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"I like this. It looks stippled. I don't know if that is the right word. Like the style in impressionist paintings. I have a feeling of being there."

"reminds me of the scene from La Boheme, outside the tavern where she is discovered to have an illness...."

"love it"

"i love this its so beautiful"

"Scale I think would effect this work tremendously, at first glance I am hoping that it would be very large format so that the mood created would become more palpable for the viewer."

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