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Robert Cornelius  Lebanon, PA

'Restoring Balance'
'Fleeting Feathers'

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About Robert

Robert Cornelius is a photographer and digital artist based in Lebanon, PA. He began taking pictures professionally since 2008, and photoshopping like his life depended on it since 2003.

Robert explains his work by saying, “I don’t “capture moments” or “save memories” – I prefer to CREATE them instead. I’m a photographer, but I am nothing without my magical photoshopping powers.”

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'Into The Woods'

10 reactions displayed

"unique, but I like"

"Beautiful work"


"An angel of a different color. Like the symmetry and non-symmetry."


"Reminds me of Brave."

"Cheesy imagery. Looks like an ad for a knock-off Disney live action film."

"like it~"

"This is an amazing work!"

"The picture makes me wonder. Why is she alone in the woods? Who/what is she waiting for/expecting?"

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