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Jamie Frost  Yorkshire, UK

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About Jamie

Jamie Frost is an artist based on Yorkshire, UK. His large scale drawings are made with the tiniest of marks. Thousands of fine pen lines coalesce into flesh and bone. These closely observed and deliciously visceral drawings are repeatedly honed into powerful yet tender images. This is often mistaken for an interest in detail but is more akin to obsession and fervor, iterative marks and surfaces holding the forms they depict.

Jamie explains the work by saying, “We are complicated creatures with a myriad of feelings, drives and perceptions. Yet we are creatures still. At some point all that energy, frustration, joy, triumph, wonderment, confusion, has to be found in the lift of a finger or the purpose in a stride.”

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"Strong and striking features that express drives beyond the formal limits of the drawing!Beautiful harmony of leftover conjunction and proposition of body shape. R.Guimel"

"I appreciate a nude of someone that is reality based. Though I see the despair in her eyes. I hope this was a wanted nude of her."

"Absolutely inspiring!!!!! so emosh gets to me every time i see it. ( i even tear up a little lol )"

"nice drawing, indeed!"

"student work of finest calibre"

"pwerful, engaging"

"Love the detail in these nudes and their originality - imperfect bodies are so much more interesting than perfect ones."

"i have a new appreciation for anyone who can draw the human body...especially in unusual that i've tried it myself."

"interesting...quite apposing"

"powerful, honest, engaging .. really wonderful"

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