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Gabriele Viertel  Eindhoven, The Netherlands

'Lost soul'
'The virgin'

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About Gabriele

Born and raised in the rhineland near Cologne the german photographer based in the Netherlands has been completely devoted to photography only since 2011 as a full time artist, followed by a rapid rise as a highly successful photographer, awards in the category of fine art and international exhibitions. Her amazing portfolio is mainly composed of underwater taken pictures, conserving the elegance of classical photography and adding, at the same time, that surprising, yet mysterious, surrealistic element. The natural element of life – water – also as symbol of the human emotional world, is the scenario for self-reflection, doubts , feelings and development. Inspired by femininity and its gracefulness the images are always highly expressive, ethereal and aesthetically, with focus at the subject and tension between theme and visual perception. The influence of passion for performing arts often is reflected in elements of dance. Gabriele Viertel keeps simplicity in composition with a focus on the central subject. The works of art of female portraits are ones of striking beauty, managing to transmit intense emotions to their viewer.

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'The Netherlands'

'Under Water'


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"Many thanks to ARTISTADAY for publishing my work and to all visitors, who shared and rated. Very appreciated ! Greetings from Holland, Gabriele"

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"what looks like eyes in the reflection of the woman in the water is disturbing but doll like."

"Very cool."

"A lot of elements to explore within the piece."

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