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Gerry Chapleski  Broomfield, CO

Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

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About Gerry

Gerry Chapleski is a painter based in Broomfield, CO. His technique consists of creating custom painting tools out of things like plastic, mylar, acetate, rubber, old credit cards, in order to squish, scrape, smudge and smear the paint in varying degrees.

Gerry explains his work by saying, “I suppose that at this point in time I’m concerned with numerous things: color – the blending, blurring and mixing of it; beauty – real, purported and imagined; the silliness of American pop culture; the correlation between Greek mythology and our never-ending infatuation with fame, celebrity, sex and sports – our gods are now movie stars, musicians, athletes and superstars; the beauty of the female figure and the predominance of nudes throughout art in the past; and finally, paying some sort of tribute to the history of painting and all of the great craftspersons and thinkers who came before me.”

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"Interesting w/ smears of paint and it's a woman's face. I like it."

"For me , portraits always have a place in "art" just not the whole place. I am always happy to see a fresh approach to the image of the face and this is one of those fresh approaches for me. I know this is Liz Taylor but I love the blurring and the smearing of the violet eyes , for which she was so famous, everywhere."

"surreal portrait is weird....very pleasant change"

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