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Benjamin de Brousse  Mexico City, Mexico

'What did they do to our Land? - Pachamama Amazonia'
Oil on paper
'I don't wanna be la Catrina'
Oil on paper

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About Benjamin de

Benjamin de Brousse is a self taught artist who lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.

Benjamin explains his work by saying, “I am a mass media child. Advertising posters are my wallpaper, TV is my window to the world. I have been raised by the communication flow, saturated with shapes and colors, fantasy and violence, fashion and statistics, insignificance and essence. In my work, the characters evolve in a “Pop-Apocalyptic Big Bang” context, a both rickety and fairy-like world. Confronted to the decline, the crisis, the news, manipulations and propaganda, they question themselves and resist. The universe slips away, collapses and recomposes itself under the steps of those men and women, stowaway passengers of an imploding system. Facing this perpetual mechanism of creation, degeneration and destruction, they try to survive, seeking a righteous way, a path leading to their original true self.”

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"beautifully tragic"

"Very sad yet colorful. Did you have to expose her nipple?"

"Powerful image, makes my heart ache."

"empathetic/sympathetic about the Native Americans"


"Super! Sweet! Lindo! Gracias!"

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