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Greg Brotherton  San Diego, CA

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About Greg

I strive to create heroic icons from our ever evolving cultural saga. Icons that juxtapose mythology with pop culture and invest ordinary objects with fantastic, sometimes diabolical, function.

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"I have seen a lot of Greg's work and if he reads this comment I will feel like a celebrity is meeting me and can I just say: I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR WORK FOR SURE!!!!"

"the second idea is just amazing"

"Totally rad dude. Metal is really hare medium to work in. Soo Coooool."

"He shows where men's passions rest: women and machines.I would like to meet this particular artist."


"As regards influences: 1/2 Giger. Has the mechanoid but not the biorganic.Truer influences are Art Deco, Metropolis, 50's cars and appliances, and found art. Most of his materials are recycled. Newer pieces have bought material. Older features have found materials. His claims for futurama are more like 1960's New York World's Fair "futurama".This not a bad thing. I'm not putting him down or anything. I think he ably synthesizes all these elements into a Greg Brotherton whole: a new object."

"i like them. can't stop lookig at them"

"i love it but you need to make it sexy"

"BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is absolutely amazing, this truly is art"

"Hoorah, robots! And so beautiful. Now, if only they moved.... and, of course, thought."

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