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Jessica Slagle  New York, NY

'Untitled 2'
Collage on paper
'Images began to ooze like confessions'
Collage on paper

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About Jessica

Jessica Slagle was born and raised in St Paul, Minnesota. Jessica’s love of art began as early as childhood. As a youth, Jessica was not a child that wanted to color within the lines; it would never quench her artistic thirst. Her creative outlet would venture out, out of the lines to anything that would leave a mark on any surface in the house.

In 2011, Jessica made her move to New York City to create a name for herself in the New York art world. Since then Jessica’s passion for her artistic point of view continue to flourish and can be seen in her various digital art series and statement pieces. In the short time she has been in New York, she has shown in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Jessica is a testament to any underdog, that if you stay true to yourself you will find happiness and success.

Jessica explains her work by saying, “My work has always been a reflection of my inner world. It is my attempt to convey in a visual language the deeply spiritual and intuitive impressions I experience through meditation. Before I start to make a body of work I will often meditate off and on for an extended period of time, losing myself in the visualizations and sensations. Having absorbed as much as I can of these, I sit down and visually process them through my artwork. In this way I hope to teach others what I’ve learned, to stimulate the viewer’s third eye, and ultimately to help the viewer feel more connected within themselves and the universe.”

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