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Jonathon Quill  Grand Rapids, MI

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About Jonathon

Jonathon Quill is an artist who lives and works in Grand Rapids, MI.

Jonathon explains his work by saying, “Much of my work has been drawings on paper with ballpoint pen during the past year. I like drawing for its portability, but in other circumstances I enjoy oil painting, ceramics, crafting as well as working/designing on my motorcycles. I find the same ability to explore and express within athletics, specifically competitive bodybuilding and powerlifting. I have also since childhood held a great love for travel and all the various means by which one can achieve it.”

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"I like. I like that it is black and white."

"Love it"

"Wonderful. This woman looks like she is dead laying here in the woods. Very realistic, haunting even. Death lays everything bare. The choice of Black and White makes it sureal. He is From my State of Michigan 30 minutes away from me. Talented. He captures the Michigan woods in all their mystery. What lurks here?"



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