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Davide Cambria  Messina, Italy

'Questo lato della verità'
Oil on canvas
'Ich will ein Garten sein'
Oil on canvas

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About Davide

David Cambria is self-taught painter born in Messina, Italy.

Recommended by our guest curators

Shane Fonner

Creative Director, Palmiers du Mal

"The dynamism and stark conveyance of emotion, or perhaps more accurately a feeling, in the portraiture of Davide Cambria is provocative and captivating. His abrupt, marked brush-strokes are placed meticulously, and the raw nature of the subject is captured in a way unique to someone both inherently talented and self-taught."

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"I love the work you do. I wonder if we are related. My name is Eleanor Cambria. My family is in Messina. I love to paint and most of my relatives are artists. You are so creative. That is what makes me think we may be long lost cousins or something like that"

"spatula vs painbrush..."


"Love this work Davide. Brava!"

"love your work, Cambria is my name, also. Grandparents from Italy Who knows, maybe related"

"good texture.I love it."

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