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Mek Yambao  Manila, Philippines

Oil and ink on wood
'The Pathfinder'
Oil and ink on wood

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About Mek

Mek Yambao makes paintings, drawings and mixed media artworks. By choosing mainly formal solutions, Yambao makes work that generate diverse meanings of literal and subliminal thoughts. She seduces the viewer into a phantasmagoric world of introspection and the self by objectifying emotions and investigating the duality that develops through different interpretations. Associations and meanings collide. Space becomes time and language becomes image.

Mek explains the work by saying, “My works deal with arbitrary ideas and stories through cross drawing and painting media. They’re commonly themes of women laden in surreal elements. Central interests are nature, eroticism, spirituality, and existence. I’ve always been intrigued by altered states and the multiverse so I explore them through my creative process. It serves as a tool to discover thoughts and concepts occurring in the absence of thought and awareness. I paint the subject in oil and do automatic drawings in ink on wood panels. Aside from wood having a compatible acidity level with paints, I also find that it reinforces nature element in a piece. I want my art to resonate with people’s sense of self and inspire singularity.”

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Wow. Just wow.

i like it

Beautifully presented image. I really like the drawing incorporated on and around the human image. An internalized dream-world surrounding her. Lovely!

wood bang XD

I think this is beautiful and very inspiring

wow very beautiful

What a beautiful concept and a beautiful art!


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