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Betsy Enzensberger  Los Angeles, CA

Mixed Media Resin
Mixed Media Resin

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About Betsy

Travel has played an important role in Betsy’s development as she has traveled the world and lived in Europe for two years. While immersing herself in these new places and experiences, Betsy began to view the world in a different way, in turn inspiring complex components in her artwork. From the warm colors of the earth to the sensations and experiences of new cultures, she has been inspired to experiment with new colors, textures, patterns, forms and mediums. Though originally from New York, and having studied abstract painting at Tulane University, Betsy currently enjoys the relaxed lifestyle in Southern California. She embraces the surrounding cultural environmental elements to inspire her new works, which include numerous abstract resins, paintings, and studies in light, layering and color. The diversity of Betsy’s pieces show what a prolific artist she has become.

Betsy explains her work by saying, “As I continually challenge my mind and body, I find myself expressing creativity in ways I never imagined.”

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"LOVE it"

"I like the way this artist made it look like a pop out maze"

"very nice wall design - cool color"

"I live in Southern California and have gone to several of Betsy's gallery showings. I love Betsy's abstract style and wealth of colors that she uses in each of her pieces. I feel Betsy's pieces can be better appreciated when seen in real life. There is an even greater depth to the piece and a vibrancy in the colors that really make her pieces stand out."

"There is so much depth in this work. It is absolutely stunning, creative, and brilliant! Wow!! I haven't seen art like this ever before. Hopefully it serves as an example to other aspiring artists."

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