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Jaclyn Alderete  Oakland, CA

'Mutuality of Mind'
Oil on panel
'Stereoscopic Sea'

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About Jaclyn

Jaclyn Alderete is a San Francisco Bay Area artist, originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is a graduate of San Jose State University in San Jose, CA.

Jaclyn has been passionate about art since she was a child, when she first developed an interest in drawing people. She fell in love with oil paint at the age of 16, and over the years has drawn inspiration from many things; concerns of human existence, society, and our treatment of the environment.

Many of Jaclyn’s paintings challenge traditional gender roles while touching on the characterization of women and the enigmatic history of her culture.

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10 of 13 reactions displayed

"talented and scary"

"beautiful until i saw the protrusion drooping down her eye. would i want to see this every day as a reflection of my inner self? no"

"Amazing and visceral!"

"Love her work, the colors and the strokes of her brushes are brilliant…. Her paintings are very dreamlike and look fantastic on my wall. Looking to add more of her work to my collection."

"I'm in awe. This is museum-like art. Much different than the street art, flat looking, one-dimensional art that seems to permeate the art world these days. This is much more interesting and beautiful."

"This artist's style reminds me of Monet. Whispery strokes, same kind of bleeding effects. I love it."

"Amazing artistry. Incredible use of oil and layering of paint. One can stare for a long time at every corner of the canvas to see how she does such a wonderful mix of colors, shades and surprising burst of light and variation. The themes of her paintings evoke mixed emotions and they take me for a wonderful journey in a different realm. I just love this artist"

"I wouldn't want to look at this everyday"

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