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FRITZ  Rochester, NY

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Fritz, is a 70 year old undiscovered machinist and painter who combines a raw artistic vision with a quest to get back on his feet after the death of his girlfriend Darlene.

Fritz works as a machinist and the parallels to his art are noteworthy. His art is essentially about being born and trying to find a place to fit in. Thousands of tiny markings converge in a familiar egg and seed reproduction cycle in his water color paintings, aptly titled Seed Paintings. His Times prints are hand stamped from linoleum block carvings to re-create a NY Times front page. He often places himself in the headlines. It’s worthy to note that like his machines, Fritz’s art centers around repeating a theme over and over, tweaking it through repetition.

Filmmakers Benjamin Gonyo and Michael Martinez made a movie about his journey called “Fritz the Movie”. The series has been artfully shot over the last 2 years and includes interviews with art world professionals such as William Powhida, Lisa Adams, Dan Douke, Anthony Haden-Guest, Paul Outlaw, Jen Catrone, Carolina Miranda and more. The art world interviews provide a collective voice on how today’s contemporary artists view “making it,” in the art world.

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"old man take a look at your life, i am a lot like you were..."


"Great work, Fritz, and I love that it's totally original. Can't wait to watch the movie."

"great! and i also like this new wallpaper feature which spotlights a different artist every day. Thanks, artist-A-Day."

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