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Chrissy Ortez  Portland, OR

'On streets we call the zoo'
'The zoo'

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About Chrissy

Chrissy Ortez was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She will graduate from Portland State University in June 2014 with a BA in Art Practices.

Chrissy describes the work by saying, “I make collages that critique images and ideas that I am bombarded with everyday. I make humorous and colorful collages that address beauty, sex, violence and food. Some collages are completed quickly through chance encounter of images, while others involve intensive work and careful image selection.”.

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"Ms. Ortez's work is well crafted, ambitious and prolific. That being said, every high school art student has done magazine cut-out collages, and, as an axiom, not many images disturb the psyche more than mutilated toy dolls. The photomontages were captivating because (1) the photos were probably taken by the artist and (2) I miss PDX and recognize the familiar imagery."

"Bizarre and busy! scary, too!"

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