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About JRF

Despite working with a wide variety of media and techniques, JRF always allows a concept to guide the final aesthetic. Repetitive and minimal forms are typically used to disguise much more complex content lying just beyond the surface. The ‘Drip Paintings’ are indicative of the artist’s tendency to playfully challenge preconceptions of how a painting should function.

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"Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment. It's really interesting to read some dialogue from other people's perspectives. There's no right or wrong interpretation, and I think the most interesting artworks tend to ask a lot more questions than they answer."

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"<3 the black & red could you make black and purple??? lol any ways GREAT LOVING INSPIRING work! :) :) :) :) :) :P"

"i didnt like the first one all that muchbut when i saw that such a common shape was repeated over and oeveri thought it was cool"

"Dunno if it's art or not. I just know it makes me feel good. Can't art just be cool sometimes?"

"Personally, I like this series of paintings. It is pleasant to the eye, and fun."

"I absolutely love it. This is what art feels like. That was my first impression when i opened my page today. I felt it. That is what art is. I really like them."

"I LOVE IT !!! the blue and red contrast makes it look like it is dripping . and then i see more !!! i love color . props to you !! peace"

"I like this very much. And artist's statements are famous for being bad. Artist communicate visually not literally. The content that lies below the surface is an intellectual one, not a painted or depicted one. The surface is a joke about "drip" paintings being repeated ad infinitum. And they are beautiful. What happens to abstract expressionism when it's main cliche, the drip, is repeated brushstroke for brushstroke ad infinitum.Could we ignore the artist's statement which is not what we came here for (and yes, it is the inflated statement of a young artist) and focus on the art. It is humorous and beautiful. I had been craving some abstract art so much lately more than the repetitious neo-pop manga images of late: The "big eye" girl paintings. They are just as repetitious as his "drip" paintings.I just found JRF's doubts about drafting this artist statement. It is enlightening: "Drafting up artist statements still remains a painful procedure; despite years of practice, it never seems to get any easier. A good statement should be short and concise; give the viewer enough introductory information to set them along a worthwhile path. Don't make it a doctoral thesis; it will bore them. Besides, the work should be able to speak for itself. Hopefully, my newest statement is close to the target..." Who here missed "playfully challenge." It is a good joke. The color combinations are arbitrary: there is no right color combo. Loosen up a bit. Its a joke. It is a light-hearted joke. All the while being beautiful colors. Anyway, it was a commission. its bought and paid for."

"Regardless, I think it looks cool, which is more than can be said for a lot of 'art'. It's pleasant and interesting to see."

"Consider Gerhard Richter, a very famous painter, just launched a show of paintings made with 4900 coloured squares, these ones from JRF look perfectly fine. see here"

"I want to say artist description does not talk about this specific peace when it says that his paintings have depth.And this peace I think is very interesting because it shows the same thing in bunch of different colors; invoking different feelings/thoughts.Which might be a little bit of depth everyone is looking for haha"

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