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Kerry Miller  Oxfordshire, UK

Mixed-media hand-cut assemblage
'The Boy's Own Annual, 1886'
Mixed-media hand-cut assemblage

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About Kerry

Kerry Miller dissects discarded books and rebuilds them into precisely-crafted, extraordinary works of art, through little more than scissors, watercolor and ink. Some of the books are left open to reveal intricate scenes overflowing from the pages. Others remain shut, though their front covers are cut to act as mere frames for the beautiful reconfigurations of the book’s original illustrations.

Kerry explains the work by saying, “After many years of working in collage and mixed media, I began exploring ways of using old, discarded books, experimenting with deconstructing and rebuilding them to produce unique pieces of artwork. The books are variously sourced and are carefully selected for their illustrations and character, whilst taking into account my perception of how the finished piece will look. I use only old books as they lend themselves to this treatment in a way that modern ones do not and particularly enjoy the fact that I can even make use of books in a condition which most people would dismiss as unusable. For each piece I work on, only the illustrations found within that particular book are used. Colour is added using inks or watercolours where I consider that they will enrich and enhance the final effect, giving a sense of depth and energy. My work is a means of distilling the essence of a book, whilst releasing the images and allowing them to reach a new audience. I view it as a collaboration, a partnership with the past, giving new purpose to old volumes that may otherwise never see the light of day or simply end up in recycling.”

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"Beautifil! So realistic!"

"Love it!"

"wow sugoi"

"this amazing, it makes me confused but in a good way, because i can't tell weather it is a painting or pieces of paper or something like that all put together to form this plus there is a book in the background, this piece is just outstanding"

"Beautiful painting."


"Love this!"

"I am fascinated by Kerry's meticulous work and the result is quite amazing, it must take her hours to do each one."

"These are not only beautiful but truly original. Kerry, I wish I had an ounce of your creativity!"

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