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Travis Lampe  Chicago, IL

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About Travis

Travis Lampe grew up in a small town in Kansas. After earning a degree in Graphic Design, he took a job in advertising as an art director in Chicago. While making ads for breakfast cereals and well known purveyors of inexpensive furniture over a period of several years, he secretly began ‘developing his illustration style,” which is not the same thing as ‘procrastinating.” Finally, when he felt the world was ready, he began his slow explosion onto the art and illustration scene, as it were.

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"It reminds me of a baseman and marvelous misadventures o flapjack cross. I enjoy the sculpture on the website."

"I enjoy his style of artwork, but it is too much like Gary Baseman. I encourage this artist to continue working but to find his own style.-bdk"

"sad scary tree's make me sad ."

"Very nice. I love the use of PBR in any art!"

"Scary comic books are now art? Good try at sophistication, but it doesn't work for me at all."

"L-O-V-E your work. Would like to see more comical, less concerned facial expresions."

"I love the elephant and robot idea"

"The first represents a sadness with a sort of comical undertone. It's colorful and speaks volumes with the trees reaction to the death. The second one reminds me of what happens when drinking-you always see something unusual"

"For those of us who use Google's theme of the day, and have ArtistADay on there too, this is soooooo apropos."

"finally... what art is supposed to political inner soul the Lampe."

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