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'Alpine Ice Cycle from the Watershed Project'
Raupo stems (bulrush), linen threads

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About Martin

Martin Hill was born in 1946 in London, UK where he was educated in art and design. Since 1992 through multiple forms of publishing including a book in 2007 Earth to Earth, Sculpture inspired by nature’s design, Hill’s environmental sculpture photographs have reached a wide audience internationally.

Martin explains the work by saying, “Since 1992, in collaboration with Philippa Jones, I have focused my art practice on making environmental sculptures in nature that return to nature.
My photographs are all that remain of the sculptures. They are exhibited, published and collected worldwide. For me making this body of work is my way of connecting with nature to tell the story of the transition that is underway now towards a circular economy that emulates the way nature works. Nature is sustainable by design. Fueled by sunlight everything is recycled: all waste becomes food for something else. In the new circular economy businesses and social systems are designed with principles learned from natural systems. “

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