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Scott Kirschner  Philadelphia, PA

'Eroded Companion'
Acrylic on masonite
'Death among all the roses'
Oil on canvas

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About Scott

Scott Kirschner is a graduate of Hussian’s School of Art in Philadelphia and now currently works their teaching sophomore, junior and senior illustration classes at his Alma Mater. Previously recognized as one of the founding artists for the Magic The Gathering trading card series his work is dark, beautifully illustrative and deeply seeded with personal symbolism reflective of his prominent life events and his unique childhood.

Scott describes the work by saying, “The subject matter of my work is very editorial in nature. Ideas for my art stem form current events, using it to present strong opinion and evoke emotions. My work focuses on subjects such as AIDS, extinction, and genetics mixed with a focus of feelings associated with love, anger, loneliness and fear, all along hoping to seduce the viewers into a deeper investigation of their own beliefs. Much of my conceptual work is done through stages of sketching. This is where the energy for every drawing is born and develops its momentum. When I move into the painting stage, I approach my under-painting with same intuitiveness and it is important to me not to lose the original spirit.”

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Recommended by our guest curators

Lawren Alice

Co-founder/Curator, Arch Enemy Arts

"There's several things that draw me to Scott's work - the fantasy, the magic, and the story telling. Every piece of his looks as if he spent a day painting it in a world just outside of our own, where the sky is much darker, animals can talk, and there's always some shadowy creature lurking around the corner."

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"Very nice art"

"Intriguing! The sloth and the metal man are our heros while the ship goes down the angels of the departed travel into heaven."

"Fun and interesting to look at."

"i enjoy this work."

"Scott is as unique an individual as his paintings. His care and compassion to make a difference are truly represented in his works. His artwork is awe inspiring and makes the viewer feel the emotions that are represented. I always am eager to see his next masterpiece. Kudos Mr. Kirschner!!"

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