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Lyndsey Fryman  Paris, KY

'A Fragile Balance'
Ceramic and wood
'Certainty Disappears'

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About Lyndsey

Lyndsey Fryman is a Kentucky based artist who earned a BFA with an emphasis in ceramics from Eastern Kentucky University.

Lyndsey describes the work by saying, “Somewhere between animal and human in their physical appearance, the imagery in my work is inspired by how we communicate our physical needs and psychological states. Visually interpreting our outwardly expressed emotions, becomes a language explaining what we are going through, what we think, or how we feel. Physical body language seen in an animal’s ear posture and bird’s feathers give my figures a way to speak without making a sound. These additional features metaphorically relate to my own maternal experiences as a mother of a child who has autism. My child’s symptoms are similar to the many who are challenged with this disability, such as an absence of spoken language, eye contact, social skills and physical communication gestures.”

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8 reactions displayed

"Disturbing! And, interesting too"

"Wow I love this piece."

"amazing texture"

"I like the play with texture. It's humanistic, but scary - an interesting perspective."

"I really appreciate the primal qualities of her work. They're intense but lack violence. You can't truly separate the animal from the human elements. The expressions are fantastic as well, and it really feels like the pieces really want to express something that they just can't articulate. It's really hard to say what exactly it is that I like about these pieces, but something about them speaks to me."

"Your pieces are really impressives. Your soul is inside. And you show it to us. Thank you."

"She's certainly very unsettling."

"that is someones dreamworld we're looking at - their intense, personal vocabulary"

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