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Zachari Logan  Saskatoon, SK, Canada

'Selfish Genes, Avian'
Blue pencil on mylar
'Feeding 1'
Blue pencil on mylar

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About Zachari

Zachari Logan earned a BFA and an MFA from the University of Saskatchewan. He works mainly in large-scale drawing and installation practices, exploring introspective ideas about masculine representation and self awareness.

Zachari describes the work by saying, “Through large-scale drawing, and more recently, ceramic installation, I have evolved a visual language exploring the intersections between masculinity, identity, memory and place. Previous work related to my current practice involved the investigation of my body as singular site of exploration. In recent work, my body remains a catalyst, but no longer the sole focus. Employing a strategy of visual quotation, mined from place and experience, I re-wild my body as a queer embodiment of nature. This narrative shift engages both empirical explorations of landscape and overlapping art-historic motifs.”

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