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Trevisan Carlo  Camaior, Italy

Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

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About Trevisan

Trevisan Carlo creates paintings that would, in his words, “challenge the real world”. Displacement, transformation, metamorphosis, the “misnaming” of objects, and the representation of visions seen in half-waking states are among Trevisan’s innovative image-making tactics. Bringing together some his paintings and objects, along with a selection of photographs, and early commercial works, his artworks offer fresh insight into Trevisan’s identity as a contemporary painter and surrealist artist.

He depicts objects, animals or characters on a clean and generally uniform background. The painted subject is presented outside its usual context. Diverted from its primary function, it is considered simply for its aesthetic and poetic properties. The artist finds refuge in the silence of the sea. These moments of solitude bring a strange serenity to his works. Carlo’s art is at once accessible and enigmatic, combining virtuoso brushwork and simplification of form.

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