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Sara Stites  Miami, FL

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From sketchpad to small drawing to larger drawing, this work evolves from a line drawing to a watercolor and ink embodiment of animal, human, and found form that seems reasonable and monstrous at the same time.

The intimacy of hair and skin, recognizable to our private selves, is at once unsettling and gratifying. Although we think of ourselves as unique, our sexuality ties us undeniably to nature. The fluid slippage between human and animal reminds us – for better or for worse – that we are not as evolved as we would like to think.

The multiplicities of cloning, regeneration, and biological manipulation are an undercurrent, but my goal is to affect the viewer personally rather than politically.

Thus the work is not intended to shock but to create a moment of revelation, a space in the mind of the viewer that can be both relief and intrigue.

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"thse are great,but im not sure the drippy paint technique is really helping the piece..i think that its really overused"

"There is something very true about them. They are beautiful in that Truth=Beauty way. Certainly achieves the "moment of revelation", for me, and I feel that these two pieces do stir a sense of intimacy in me also. They repulse me initially and draw me back to looking again - both my guts/body and my brain seem to like like it!"

"Very intriguing. I'm an art curator and see same old-same old all the time. Follow your vision and ignore comments from those who don't get it or expect you to explain."

"WOW. Very thought provoking, it could mean so many things. My first impression was one of protection. Hands holding the beginning of life....The longer I look the more meanings I can find. Very original!"

"I really don't know how to take this all in. I can not find fault with it because that's not me. It's different, and Iam not sure I like it, but sometimes differant scares people, so I am trying to decide by looking at it the right way from an artists view.-----I am lost for words."

"I like it, even though some people think it may be "creepy" or "chilling" it still is making you feel something, which is the point of art, to make you feel some kind of emotion when you look at it."

"So intriguing. These pieces make me feel like I'm like looking at a Rorschach test through someone else's eyes. She has fleshed out all the detail for me. I think these are delightful. Strange, dreamy, and unsettling, but beautiful too. These abstract images don't seem threatening, but they do force us to view our bodies as they are -- flesh, bone, teeth and hair -- in the context of a society where hairless plastic images of sexuality are the norm. Original, technical, thoughtful. Five stars for me."

"OK, I get it, human/animal but really, what is the objective here? new-age taxidermy? floating images dripping with the desire to break out of something done's Dali meets the butcher, not buying it."

"Thank you, Sara. I've been crazed with politics, the news, my life. Your painting brought me to a calm place inside. Much to think about, much to feel about."

"When did grotesque/disturbing become a prerequisite for successful art? It seems like 99% of the art here has that quality. I understand that the artist may be exploring some deep dark part of his/herself that may be grotesque and disturbing, but it's just starting to seem like a fad."

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