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DAAS  Hyogo, Japan

'Left, right and center'
Acrylic on canvas
'American Goldfinch'

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About DAAS

DAAS is a Japan based American contemporary visual artist. His work is primarily focused on the power of color, balanced design and a representation of animals, insects and humans in a geometric based form.

DAAS explains the work by saying, “I create art that I want to see. It’s that simple. Of course, I am influenced by a myriad of things, such as my environment, music, nature, light, shadows, reflections, abstractions and geometry in nature. In many ways, I believe we all share this experience, it’s how we interpret and express these things that make us unique. My artwork is often very bold, colorful and straightforward. Although the main ideas and design of the work are almost fully developed in my mind before I start the painting, I am constantly experimenting with different materials, paints and techniques, which helps me to create in a spontaneous and intuitive manner. The geometric shapes, colors and lines used to define the artwork are a result of my fascination with patterns in nature, architecture and fragmented light, combining all these elements and developing ideas on how to use them in my work. Hopefully when people view my paintings, they can sense this influence and reference similar things within their own daily experiences.”

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