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Bella Harris  St. Louis, Missouri

'Hair like flowers'
'Face mapping'

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About Bella

Working with a variety of mediums, Bella Harris explores the intersecting mood of romantic macabre, fragility and unguarded emotional expression. With an emphasis on off kilter realism, these emotionally driven portraits convey a poignant sense of both vulnerability and haunting individuality. Through her growing body of art and photography, she continues to render interpretatively subtle message of self-awareness and personal reflection alongside the many characteristics of a slightly stranger beauty. Her vision presents a wide spectrum of dark detailed lines juxtaposing light minimalism while other works capture a true range of color. Thriving deep in a collective vein driven by fragments of self-perceptions, the reservations in which one’s own criticisms have the ability to cripple distinctiveness are shed. Bringing to life new techniques and evolving styles, each piece embodies personal attachments of the artist’s creative voice and aims to embrace the viewer while delivering a nearly tangible variance of emotional communication. Through consistent study, she methodically employs these visual creations to incorporate the journey of her deeply personal vision.

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"Bella's work is stunning...yup, a popular style, because it's an effective portrayal of emotion Cyd Pompom, but few achieve the depth and emotion as effectively as Bella. In a world of :), ;), :P,'s quite refreshing. The artist is as amazing inside as out. It's more fun to be a fan of art than a critic. Try it."

"Very pretty, especially the one on the bottom!"

"Bella's work is beautiful and inspiring!"

"I REALLY love this artist's work. Really brings the emotion of the the subject to life. Great stuff"

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