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Sal Jones  London, UK


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'Not Really, No'
Oil on linen
'This is hopeless'
Oil on canvas

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About Sal

Sal Jones is an artist, working predominantly, in painting and mixed media. She has a BA Hons Fine Art degree and a PGCE in Art & Design; is an experienced Art & Design and photography teacher and has also worked on freelance projects including artist-in-residency work, practical art workshops, murals, backdrops, props, photo sessions and painting commissions.

Sal explains the work by saying, “I am interested in capturing moments of expression that portray the human psyche, of blurring the boundary between fact and fiction; also in the relationship between the title and image. I tend to think of these paintings as ‘character studies’ rather than portraits. They are not ‘posed’ as in a traditional stereotypical portrait but captured and reinterpreted. By taking an isolated image out of context and using the dialogue (or subtitles) as the images title – I’m hoping to create a friction or ambiguity in the reading of the image –interpreted in different ways by different viewers depending on their personality and viewpoints and what they bring to their understanding of the subject.”

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01.07.2014 @ 9:43 PM

Self assured color work and fearless practiced brush work. Very nice... As for the image vs title juxtaposition (or lack thereof) I caught myself paying too much attention to the title at the expense of the experience of relishing the terrific craftsmanship of the paintings. Perhaps pointing out the disparity between the two is an unnecessary distraction. Let the phenomena speak for itself.

Chris haddad

01.07.2014 @ 3:46 PM

Is "This is hopeless" original available to purchase?

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