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Miriam Escofet  London, UK

'The Pediment'
Oil on canvas
'The thinkers'
Oil on canvas on board

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About Miriam

Born in 1967 in Barcelona, Miriam moved to England in 1979. She studied at Brighton College of Art where she graduated in 1990 in 3D Design, majoring in ceramics. She soon after started painting where her love of the ‘making process’ and her fascination with the three dimensional and textural qualities of objects and spaces is very present.

There are many influences running through Miriam’s work and it would be impossible to list them all. Her love of art and architecture of the classical period, when aesthetics and proportion were thought to communicate eternal and divine truths and art was considered a physical depiction of the divine. Paintings of the gothic and renaissance period in which the sheer beauty of execution, the details and the textures bring about a visual seduction that transports the viewer into another world. She finds the ‘structure’ of their compositions, where there is a marriage between the use of perspective (the rational) and divine themes (the mystical) a constant source of inspiration. The qualities and texture of objects.

Most of the themes in Miriam’s work revolve around ideas of aesthetics, imagination and symbolism. She often incorporates elaborate perspective in her paintings and her subject matter is normally set within a very defined ‘space’. As part of her working process she will sometimes construct elaborate maquettes of buildings and spaces, which then become part of the subject matter for the painting and are treated like a still life.

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