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Jeremy Humbert  Chicago, IL

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About Jeremy

A point of departure for my work is the disconnect between the idea of something versus the reality of that same thing. Oftentimes we imagine or fantasize about an event or situation and develop expectations based on individual personal experience. Inevitably reality proves to be different than our preconceived notions. It is this gray area that interests me.

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"Your work is vey interesting.I would like to see more of your work.The use of colour and lots of pattensThanks for the insperation"


"Nice involved piece. Invokes confusion and emotion. I like the fact that I don't completely understand it, makes me want to study it closer to form my own story."

"your art is very cool!!! its different in a good way"

"Jeremy - Artwork is fantastic. Not the norm. I would love to see more. Sallie"

"nice and obtuse and rhythmic. Good use of non-archival materials. What a mystery."

"Jeremy,Is that Angelina Jolie in the middle of your piece? If so why if not who?Jan"

"wow i love the way u use your words in your art.i have the same idea in my head but when i try to put on paper its not what i want.i would love to talk more about your art and your inspiration.if u want email me at"

"I agree with Sally, Its refreshing to see some work that doesn't necessarily reside in the figurative realm. The "Hubble" looks like it was an interesting project"

"Hey Jeremy --I really like these. So different than 99% of the stuff that usually appears here. Nice use of color (and lack of), interesting patterns and lots to look at. Thanks!"

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