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Louisa Boyd  Cheshire, UK

Etching and leather, hand bound sculpted book
Magnani handmade white wove paper

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About Louisa

Louisa Boyd graduated in 2001 from the Manchester Metropolitan University after studying Embroidery. She has since worked as an artist exhibiting both nationally and internationally and selling her paintings to private collectors through galleries. Louisa’s work has been incorporated into a number of publications and included in international public collections.

Louisa explains her work by saying, “My work is inspired by the natural world, and the human connection with it and I am fascinated by the innate human response to nature. Despite the fact that many of us live detached from the natural environment in cities with lives governed by technology, we are still able to understand the powerful symbolism that nature depicts. We can relate to these themes with ease, understanding that a bird in flight can display freedom, a flock can demonstrate companionship and a forest pathway can show a personal journey. The symbols need little explanation, they are meant to be accessible to all, to illustrate the intrinsic human connection to nature.My interest in this area has developed over a series of personal experiences and events that have led me to feel at a distance from nature; periods of my life where I have lived in cities and found it difficult to experience quiet and serenity. It is during these periods of time that I recognise how important the natural environment is to me and long to immerse myself in it and portray it through my work. Consequently the themes of restriction and freedom consistently recur in my pieces. Working with books sculpturally allows me to represent these ideas. Pages can be used restrictively and may only give glimpses of the information within them due to cut work, the way that they are bound and exhibited. “

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