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Jarrod Eastman  Bozeman, MT

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About Jarrod

Open to interpretation, my visual language is an expression of my imagination mixing with my conscious mind. I feel a great connectedness to the energy that embodies creativity. It is through this energy that my work pervades a sense of possibility and otherness. The dialogue that takes place between the artist and the canvas is as important as the interaction between the canvas and its viewer. This is how art is able to permeate our culture. It is a crucial step in the constant ebb and flow of creative energy. This step is of great importance to our souls and peace of mind. Ultimately I make pictures for the fun of it.

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"i love it all"

"Loving it! What great characters - very interesting and refreshing stuff."


"People shouldn't be so judgmental of artwork. It sucks joy from life."

"It is the use of color in these pieces that I find so captivating. There is a certain dark lightness in the surreality being created. Also, the expressions on the creatures are anything but static. The mood and tone of the paintings seem to shift. I can't help to be drawn to them."

"I totally disagree with the comment left by "C". These are two great pieces of work! I love your imagination and the way you use the colors. Art, that expresses something new, refreshing and different. Keep up the good work!"

"this work is just wonderful. please keep painting."

"interesting symbolism, very deep and balanced."

"I'm drawn to the color contrasts...they seem to capture and underlying mood, which is anything but static. There seems to be a perpetuating emotional shift in the air of these pieces- specifically the second. I am mesmerized by the expressions on the creatures faces."

"I really enjoy these paintings. It reminds me of a modern Hieronymus Bosch, except he seems to be more keen on the positive side of imagination.Btw- telling an artist that he needs to take "life study courses" or "doesn't yet have enough technical know-how" is really a classless move. I doubt that "c" is really in a position to give that advice, and even if so, the tone of writing was condescending and pretentious."

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