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Lauren DiCioccio  San Francisco, CA

'13MAR10 (Richard Fuld)'
Hand-embroidery on cotton muslin upholstered around the 3.13.10 edition of Business Day
Hand-embroidery on cotton muslin upholstered around the 8.28.07 edition of The NY Times

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About Lauren

Lauren DiCioccio earned a BRA in Art and Art History (Studio Emphasis) from Colgate University in Hamilton, NY.

Lauren explains her work by saying, “My work investigates the physical/tangible beauty of commonplace mass-produced media-objects, most recently: the newspaper, magazines, office papers and writing pads, plastic bags, 35 mm slides. These media are becoming obsolete, replaced by the invisible efficiency of various technologies. In some cases, this transition is a good thing- faster transmission and distribution of information, streamlined systems, openness to user input, less waste. But a hole is left behind by the disappearance of these everyday objects. What will happen when we no longer touch information? When newsprint does not rub off onto our fingertips? When we no longer write longhand? The tedious handiwork and obsessive care I employ to create my work aims to remind the viewer of these simple but intimate pieces of everyday life and to provoke a pang of nostalgia for the familiar physicality of these objects.”

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"Your sculptures are blowing me away. I need to have one in my world."

"I'm glad to see that needle/fiber arts are being recognized in the fine arts world. Very creative, Lauren, and well executed. Powerful artist statement. Well done."

"Great work. love it"

"I love the idea of stitching and the statement. Wow I think its important to continue writing .on paper. broidering its just awesome. Then Technology will create a board pad with a pencil to write a note or letter for those who are no computer lit. Just like when you sign your name on credits stores and banks.I love your art. I am an artist too."

"Lauren-You don't ever need to do an artist's statement. You are that good."

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