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Truls Espedal  Oslo, Norway

'The Light IV'
Oil on canvas
'The Circle'
Oil on canvas

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About Truls

Truls Espedal earned a BA in Illustration and a Master of Arts in Visual Communication from the Kent Institute of Art and Design in England. His work has been seen in numerous solo and group shows across Norway.

In addition to his fine art work, Truls is also an accomplished designer who has several album covers to his credit.

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"Do you sell prints?"

"This could be my Mother.In asylums for years. Died at 52 after a very long painful life. Doctors called her crazy. autopsy said spine severly deformed, brain tumor was slow growing. She was just in pain and they did not believe her. She was beautiful petite black hair and skin like a pearl with light blue eyes. I hope you sell prints."

"Perhaps Ineff is an alia for Ineffectual."

"Do you sell prints? How much?"

"I really must object to anyone using an alias (that's what I really do not like about aliases) to call OBVIOUSLY superior work "mundane" or even refer to it as "craftsmanship". This kind of back-handed praise is just jealousy or a failure of imagination. Anyone viewing Truls Espedal's available body of work cannot help but be moved deeply by it if they put any thought or emotion whatever into the process. I can only wonder what the critic's real issue is, though I have a good suspicion or two."

"Poignant...he has the light gathered in his own hands but averts his face into darkness. The symbolism there can be read in a number of ways, separately or collectively and speaks so eloquently to human nature. Divine."

"This is wild, I love it. Connecting the body and mind can be a great thing."

"With this level of craftsmanship I'd really like to see concepts that transcend the mundane a bit farther. I do like the personal comments on the website."

"it all comes to life for me. so bright and charming."

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