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Dan Monteavaro  Los Angeles, CA

'Popularity (or everyone is doing it)'
Oil ,ink, acrylic, canvas
'Left of Yes'
Oil ,ink, acrylic, canvas

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About Dan

Incorporating images from mass media and comic book imagery, Dan Monteavaro plays with the familiarity of those images and the comfort that comes when looking at pixel-based art.

The beauty to Monteavaro’s work is more in the missing portions, therein lies a communication between artist and material that then resonates with the viewer. In this way the works begin a dialogue with the viewer that begins to unravel.

Dan explains his work by saying, “Growing up in New York during the 80’s, the urban landscape influenced my work. The beauty of the run down buildings stayed with me because, to me, they told a story. Every missing part, crossed out word tell a story within the narrative of the works. In the end, that’s what any creative person wants their work to do.”

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