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Neil Powell  Bovina, NY

'Secret Places'
Book covers mounted to wood
'I'm Stumbling In While You're Tripping Out'
Book covers mounted to wood

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About Neil

Neil Powell is an artist who lives & works in upstate New York. He earned a BFA from the University of Kentucky. His works are made of book covers usually mounted on wood.

Neil explains his work by saying, “My work explores new social, cultural, and political narratives through themes of relatedness and identity. By juxtaposing the new and the old — new art from old book covers — voices across time speak to one another, thereby opening avenues toward meaning. I like the visitor to enter a scatological world of language, typography, and illustration styles that captures the eye and demands it to move back and forth among layers looking for signals, signs and clues. I aim for my art to culminate in a visual treatise on the recycling and renewal of popular culture.”

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3 reactions displayed

"so beautiful, and perplexing...layers and layers of things to discover and think about in all of this. Artist has a big brain and a great eye."

"This is fantastic work. Powell's interpretation of contemporary art through the use of vintage book covers provides the viewer with complexities that, with ample opportunity, one would puzzle through for long period of time. I'm quite taken with Powell's approach and hope to see more from this artist."

"Really cool, you have to look up close to really appreciate the details!"

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