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Arthur Lopez  Santa Fe, NM

'San Ambrose'
Hand carved and hand painted wood
Hand carved and hand painted wood

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About Arthur

Arthur Lopez was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He works in the long tradition of New Mexico santero artists. Equally important to López is his need to transcend the bounds of the traditional santero, and use his art as a medium for expressing the full range of his culture and the world around him. López has exhibited in numerous shows throughout the Southwest and is in many prominent collections throughout the country. His work has recently been exhibited internationally at the 2nd International Triennale of Kogei – The Arts Grounded in Region, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan, and he is preparing for a show in Landshut, Germany in 2014.

Arthur explains his work by saying, “My work comes out of my faith. I am a firm believer that you can still use traditional methods to create contemporary work. Though the majority of my work is of Saints you do not have to be of any particular religion to appreciate them as art. I try to capture with intentional ethical sensitivity and undaunted heart-felt commentary modern religious, secular and political issues with humor and a breath of fresh air.”

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"Thanks so much for featuring me and my work I love your page and all the talents you help expose to the world. Total Respect!"

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"I have followed Arthur's work from the beginning, when he first began showing at Steve Parks' gallery in Taos. Arthur's art is edgy (but with purpose, not just for the sake of provocation), humorous, heartfelt and loving. His craft is superb. I am thrilled to see that his work is receiving well-earned international attention."

"Art' is an amazing Santero . His work captures the tradional and the contemporary bringing together the old and young."

"As a docent at the Harwood Museum in Taos I've marveled at Arthur's work-- beautifully bringing old skills and religious imagery full blast into contemporary life. He skillfully shines a bright light onto our often distorted modern beliefs and actions, using allegory and humor rather than scolding us. Powerful and important work."

"hes good i'll have to start following him"

"Have followed Arthur Lopez's career and he is fabulous!A unique artist with such original ideas that he is ableto bring forward. Enjoy and am in admiration of all his work!"

"Arthur is one of the most creative - and skilled - artists in New Mexico!"

"Arthurs' work pushes the envelope incorporating traditional spanish colonial themes into contemporary art - well done!"

"Arthur's work deserves recognition- it is absolutely amazing!"

"Arthur Lopez' work speaks volumes. He really represents the vibe of the Southwest. Keep Killing it brother!"

"Best Artist in New Mexico-- and beyond!"

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