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Brian Martin  Providence, RI

'Sargent at Morris'
Oil on panel
Oil on panel

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About Brian

Brian Martin earned his BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design and his MFA in Painting/Drawing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Aside from his personal artwork, he has been employed as an illustrator, graphic/web designer, muralist, and a decorative artist for a cabinet maker. He has taught drawing, painting and color/2D-design at I.U.P., but currently is teaching illustration, drawing and painting at Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill, MA.

Brian explains his work by saying, “I’m interested in exploring the hidden narratives of the American landscape- employing elements, places, and scenery that are commonly attached to the notion of the suburb and superimposing the personal twist of my memory and perception upon them. My goal is to create psychologically engaging images of the American landscape that are simultaneously familiar and strange.”

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'Rhode Island'

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"I love your work. Reminds me more of Magritte than Hopper."

"I know that I'm seeing this online, but all signs currently point to your work being very rich and highly valuable. This is good stuff, Brian."

"Wow! Maxfield Parrish and NC Wyeth live again! Words fail me. Spectacular."

"I am a fan of the great illustrators and now a fan of yours. You incorporate that haunting quality of Hopper in the work I see. Thank you."

"Bebegongia: you took the words out of my mouth; well said."

"This painting makes me think of Edward Hopper. Good work."

"Your outstanding use of color really sets the mood. Tranquil everyday scenes captured as though they were enticing vacation postcards. "Wish you were here...Oh wait, you are." TYJ"

"Very interesting use of colour. I love the clouds ad the softness of the images which sparks the imagination."

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