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Jordan Tate  Cincinnati, OH

'New Work #180'
Provenience Drawing Square, Cast Plaster, Mylar, Level, and Wood
'New Work #169'
Pigment Prints, Roll Holders

* All images used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

About Jordan

Jordan Tates latest book “The Contemporary Dictionary of Sexual Euphemisms” is described as a “collection/dictionary of literally interpreted (and photographically illustrated) sexual euphemisms ranging from ac/dc to wax that ass.” The series of photos that make up the book are as fun as they are thought out. Some of the other image names include “rug muncher”, “pickle smuggler”, and “hide the salami”.

While these images bring a smile to the face, Jordan has a serious side to him as well. His latest series “Breaking News: The New York Times V2.0” is an examination of the subjectivity of media and the boundaries of truth through the systematic alteration of the New York Times. The series is a must see.

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