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Patrick DeAngelis  San Diego, CA

'The Horizontal Line V'
Oil on canvas
'The Horizontal Line VI'
Oil on canvas

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About Patrick

Patrick DeAngelis is an San Diego based artist who earned a Masters of Fine Arts with a concentration: in painting from the New York Academy of Art and a Bachelor of Arts from Kent State University.

Patrick describes his work by saying, “My work is an organization of predetermined and spontaneous materials and marks; a combination of aesthetic intentions and unintentional, predestined aesthetic qualities that I simply put into context. I enjoy the irony of the material and its unique history crossing paths with my search for objects with visual qualities that have been dismissed and deemed useless. Aesthetically my work focuses on the simple, formal relationships in painting. Vincent Desidario, a figurative painter in New York once told me that there are three dynamic relationships in painting: light vs. dark, transparent vs. opaque, and warm vs. cool. At the time I was painting the figure exclusively and I would focus on these relationships while attempting to render the figure and the illusion of form. Over time I became less interested in painting the figure or space or form, instead I began focusing only on the relationships themselves. Instead of painting light vs. dark in an attempt to create an illusion, I began painting light vs. dark just as a relationship. I’ve since added two more relationships that I consider to be important in my work: neutral vs. intense and textured vs. smooth. My work continues to be an ongoing investigation of these contrasting relationships. My paintings are assembled in a sculpture manner; I want the final piece to be seen as a painting, an object, a document, and a personal journal.”

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