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Alessandro Andreuccetti  San Gimignano, Italy

'Non lasciarmi sola'
Watercolor on paper
'I love you, I hate you'
Watercolor on paper

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About Alessandro

Alessandro Andreuccetti was born in San Gimignano, Italy in 1955. He studied art and architecture in Florence and, after graduating, started his job in 1980 as a graphic designer.

He employs acrylic paint, water-color, gouache and ink in his work. Some of his pieces careen towards the avant-guard, exhibiting conceptual and surreal qualities, but most of his artistic output is situated within the traditional framework of landscape, cityscape and people representation, where he strives to express himself in new perfectly independent compositions.

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"Very lifelike, and imaginary! i love it..."

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"that is a beautiful picture"

"How beautiful your work is."

"I really LOVE "I love, I hate you" Totally awesome work!"

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